Regular jewelry care and maintenance is important for the health of your jewelry piece, whether it's a sterling silver necklace or a random alloy that simply caught your eye. It's a great time to check and make sure that all of the elements of your jewelry are still in good condition, that the stones are still properly seated and not loose, that the links are still fully closed and not stretched. 

Proper care and maintenance of your jewelry depends on the type of materials used. For example, if you have a sterling silver necklace, you'll want to use silver cleaner to banish tarnish. You won't get the same results with a cleaner that is made for gold or semi-precious stones. 

Some cleaners are much harsher than others, which could lead to damage if you're not using it to clean the type of material that it's meant for. The same sterling silver cleaner that gets rid of the stubborn tarnish on your necklace may pit and mar your freshwater pearl pendant, causing it to fall apart and lose it's luster. It's important to read the directions and label on any cleaning solution that you use.

The majority of SeaJewels Designs jewelry is made with anodized aluminum - a lightweight, brightly colorful metal that is extremely easy to maintain. A little dish soap and some warm water will keep your anodized aluminum jewelry clean and sparkling for years to come. Because of the anodization process, the color in your design generally stays true (certain circumstances, such as 24/7 wear, may lead to some color fading). 

Other materials that you'll find within SeaJewels Designs collections include sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, titanium, and silver- and gold-plated metals. Generally, sterling silver should be cleaned with a proper sterling silver cleaning solution, like this one from Connoisseurs. Alternatively, a good silver polishing cloth (such as the Sunshine cloth that we sell during events) is helpful when you don't want to dip your entire piece or when your jewelry has components, such as gemstones, that can't be submerged into a silver cleaner. It's important to note that if you have a piece of jewelry that has a patina or has been "antiqued," then you shouldn't use a strong cleaner - it will also clean off the patina.

If you've got jewelry that is considered delicate, such as a pearl necklace, then you'll want to make sure that you purchase cleaners specifically for gemstones. Connoisseurs offers a Delicate cleaner for semi-precious stones and pearls that is safe for some of the softer components of jewelry making.

As always, SeaJewels Designs is here for you if you have questions or concerns! If you've been wearing your SeaJewels Designs item for months and a link seems like it's not holding, or if you feel that a stone has gotten a little loose, reach out! I'm happy to help whenever I can.  

*I'd like to note that I'm not being paid to advertise or endorse any of the brands I've linked out to in any way. I linked out to brands that I typically purchase, because I have experience with their level of quality and am happy with it. Feel free to use the suggestions as a starting place for your own jewelry cleaning purchase!