What started it all?

I started making jewelry early on in life - I can remember taking the scraps from my grandparent's craft business and trying to put them together in some meaningful way. Eventually, I started to get a little better...then a little better...then a little better. And people (read: family members who I foisted my creations upon) actually started wearing them!

Add a few years, some maturity, and the freedom to take a few jewelry classes in addition to my English major requirements in college, and I picked up a dew more techniques. I learned about design, and how to make sure that wire is looped just the right way. 

Still...with all of that...I thought "Making jewelry isn't going to pay the bills!" So I put the business on the sidelines and got down to being "serious" about my day job.

But I still HAD to create.

Then I discovered a love for Renaissance Faires. I mean, what's not to love? Fun, chivalry, fantasy, debauchery...come on, there's something for everyone! But holy cow, that chainmaille is expensive! Beautiful, and I want it, but who has the money for all that? Wait...it's jewelry, of a sort...I can MAKE that! So I did. I started learning how to make various weaves and patterns with all the different sizes, and successfully completed my very first piece of clothing - a chainmaille bikini! 

So, with the passion re-ingited, and the wonderful world of the internet, I opened up SeaJewels Designs - a place where my passions can come together, and hopefully, bring a little bit of fun and light to someone's day - or at least a smile to their face.