Every year, I tell myself I'll start prepping for the holidays a little earlier - it always seems like there's just never enough time when I wait. So I tell myself - next year, I'll start in September. Well...darn. It's October! I've been so focused on weddings and special orders, that I completely missed September! Now the scramble ensues for proper items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - not to mention general gifts and other pretties!

One thing I wanted to make sure to do this year was at least acknowledge Thanksgiving - I mean, we kind of gloss over that lovely, yummy holiday (who doesn't like turkey and mashed potatoes?) and skip right to Christmas after All Hallow's Eve - so I wanted to make at least a piece or two to say "Hey, Thanksgiving, We Appreciate You!" So, drumroll, please...

Meet the little turkey! After several nights of bent rings and a few colorful words, I finally figured out the right technique to make this cute little chainmail owl. Add on a turkey fan tail and we've got...a turk-owl? Well...I think he's a cute little guy, and with the attached ring, he can act as either an ornament or charm - or he can stand on his own and greet you from your counter! 

What do you think of our little Turkey?