Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your favorite artisan is like? Well, I'm here to tell you about mine!

After answering to the bosses of the house (4 cats - whew!), my day is spent reviewing any paperwork, orders, pressing issues with the business. I balance the checkbook, file the receipts, and generally make sure that all the legal stuff is in order. Then I get to the fun part!

If I don't have any orders to fill for the day, I'll just jump right in and start designing new items. I gather up my inspiration books with photos, ideas, sketches, and snippets of thoughts, and start seeing how it all gets put togethers. Sometimes, that means my table looks like a crowded mess - so many ideas, so little space! Sometimes, that means that I'm sketching out designs to turn into reality, and sometimes, I just sit down and start painting, or hot gluing, or weaving chainmaille. 

The holiday season is the best! There are so many possibilities out there for new designs, and so many orders for personalized items that I never get bored! I can paint the same snowman ornament 20 different ways, in combinations of colors to suit, with 20 different names, and then move on to hot gluing some corks together to make a cute little Christmas tree. 

On days that I have outstanding orders, I make sure to get those completed and out the door - I don't want you waiting longer than necessary to have your new treasure! After I get all the orders completed and packaged up with just a little bit of love, then I let myself have creative fun time thinking of new things to bring you. 

Sometime in all this, I do normal, everyday things...you know, like eating. Or taking out the trash, or doing the dishes, or picking the cats up off the table and moving them out of my way...

Essentially, a day in the life is demanding, fun, and makes my soul happy. How about you?